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Simply Men’s Health PRP Stem Cell Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Program

Simply Men’s Health physicians have been treating hair loss in both men and woman for over 25 years. As a result of our experience, we offer an exclusive, multi-disciplinary non-surgical hair restoration program, RejuvaHair™. Our treatment program combines PRP Hair restoration with customized topical prescriptions.

What is Simply Men’s Health RejuvaHair™ PRP Hair Restoration?

RejuvaHair™ is South Florida’s most advanced hair restoration program. Not only do we use PRP as do other programs. But in addition, RejuvaHAIR™ Protocol incorporates proprietary topical prescriptions to stimulate and maintain hair growth. As a result, you will Regrow your own hair – No Surgery – No hair pieces!

RejuvaHAIR™ Hair PRP Hair Restoration Program is for both Men and Woman

RejuvaHAIR™ Hair Restoration program is South Florida’s most Advanced non-surgical Hair Restoration Medical Treatment for both Male Pattern hair loss and Women’s Hair loss

South Florida Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami non-surgical PRP Stem Cell Hair Restoration Medical Treatment for Men for Male Pattern Hair Loss
Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment for Men for Male Pattern Hair Loss
South Florida's Palm Beach , Boca Raton Miami Non Surgical PRP, Stem Cell Exosome Medical Hair Restoration Program for Women - Treat Women's Hair loss REGROW thick beautiful hair  No Surgery
Non-Surgical PRP Stem Cell Hair Restoration Treatment for Women’s Hair Loss

Simply Men’s Health RejuvaHair ™ Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Program:

  1. Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Therapy uses growth factors derived from your own blood to stimulate the miniaturized hair follicles. This is important because miniaturization of the hair follicle is the first signs associated with male pattern hair loss and hair loss in women.
  2. Capillus® 312 Laser Cap, is the most powerful laser cap available. Thus, although there are many similar devices, the Capillus® 312 Laser Cap is available by prescription only because it is so powerful. This is the only l in-home device is similar in strength to in doctor office treatments. When used daily for only 6 minutes a day, this Laser cap treatment stimulate the regrowth of your own hair
  3. Proprietary blend of customized topical hair restoration prescription. Male pattern hair loss is chronic and progressive. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your new head of hair, even it you had a hair transplant.

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