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Bio-Identical Testosterone Hormone Replacement therapy for Low T

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Simply Men’s Health Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Everyone is aware of women and their menopause symptoms. However, did you realize that men also go through hormonal changes. In other words, men’s hormonal change is called Andropause. But, unlike women, whose estrogen drops suddenly, men gradually start losing testosterone in their twenties and thirties.

Simply Men’s Health is the leader in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in South Florida.

What are the Symptoms of low T?

Are you feeling a bit sluggish? Are you having trouble concentrating? Is your memory not as sharp? If so, these may be some of the first symptoms of Low T.

Below are some of the signs and symptoms of Low-T:

  • low energy
  • decreased libido
  • increased weight, especially in the belly
  • decreased muscle mass
  • weaker erections
  • sleep disturbances

Testosterone is More than Just a Sex Hormone

You probably think that Testosterone is just associated with your sex drive. However, you may be surprised to learn that testosterone balance controls your overall health. For example, Testosterone balance is important for your heart health, your bone health, and sugar balance. This is why hormone replacement therapy is more than just for sexual libido.

How Simply Men’s Health Hormone Replacement Therapy can Help You?

If you are experiencing Symptoms of Low Testosterone, Simply Men’s Health experienced team of Physicians have the solutions for Male Andropause Low-T. Simply Men’s Health offers safe, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

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